Go Yo! was "born" on June 9, 2010 in Boynton Beach, Florida. From the start, the goal has been to create the perfect combination of fun, delicious taste, and healthiness for our customers.

We strive to achieve this goal every day by providing the best yogurt around and a variety of delightful toppings in an upbeat, relaxed, and festive environment. Our yogurt comes directly from a dairy and is certified as having the highest level of live and active cultures, which provide the probiotic health benefits -- our Yogurt is never made from powders or mixes.. It is also certified Dairy Kosher. But most importantly, it tastes great!

In addition to the delicious yogurt and wide range of unique toppings, what sets us apart from our competition is our customers' experience. We work hard at keeping our store clean and wellstocked at all times. And by listening to our customers' suggestions for toppings and yogurt flavors, we are able to offer our guests the items they enjoy the most.

Go Yo! Frozen Yogurt offers 12 varieties of delicious and healthy frozen yogurts and sorbets along with over 65 toppings which range from fresh fruits to nuts, candies, cereals and sauces. Customers take a cup, fill it with their selections of yogurts, add toppings, have it weighed and pay by the ounce for what they serve themselves.


We regularly change the yogurt flavors and toppings to continuously provide our customers with new and exciting tastes.